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The Bumble Crossbody

The Bumble Crossbody bag is a fun everyday crochet bag, embellished with cute little bees. This project is quick, uses 3 balls for yarn and kept interesting with the integrated bee pattern. So let’s get buzzing, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5mm crochet hook (I used Furls Odyssey and it is by far the best hooks I have ever used)

  • 1 ball (103 yards total) of worsted weight for each colour (I used Furls Whims Merino in mustard for the base and straps, white for the body and charcoal)

  • stitch marker for beginning of rounds

  • darning needle

  • scissors

This bag is constructed from the base and built up. So to get started:

Ch 36 using your base colour (mustard in my case or you could also use charcoal)

Row 1: HDC into the 2nd chain from the hook until the end, Ch1, turn (35 HDC)

Row 2-5: HDC until end, CH1, turn (35 HDC)

Your work will be a long rectangle, if it’s a triangle you have made a grave error and you should restart. Now We will build this base upwards which will become the body So now we will work in rounds instead of rows.

Round 1: SC around your rectangle as follows : 35 SC along the top, 5 SC along the edge (the rows you just created: see there’s a method to my madness), 35 SC along the bottom and 5 more SC along the other rows, slip stitch to join into your first SC For a total of 80 SC, do not Ch at the end of your row. We will work in the round seamlessly from now on, like a spiral. This is where your stitch marker comes in!

Rounds 2-3: SC until end, moving your stitch marker to the first SC as you go!

Rounds 4-5: Change to body colour (white) and SC 80

Round 6 is where the bees come in! Continue your work in SC keeping in mind the bee pattern below (reading from bottom right to left). You will carry all 3 colours throughout this portion, only using the colour you need and tucking in the other across the top of your work and crocheting over them. Switch colours on the last stitch of the previous colour. It might seem confusing but there are tons of colour work videos on YouTube to help you out!

Round 6-11: *SC 8 from bee pattern, SC 8 in body colour, repeat * until end (80 SC)

Round 12-15: SC 80 in body colour

Round 16-21: SC 8 in body colour, SC 8 in bee pattern

Round 22-25: SC 80 in base colour

Round 26-35: Repeat rounds 6-15

Round 36-42: change to base colour again, SC until end (80 SC)

Fiouf. Did you make it? Yes you did cause you’re amazing! Now for the final piece, the strap! I promise it is the easiest part of the bag.

Using base colour Ch 7

Row 1: HDC in 2nd Ch from the hook, HDC until end, Ch 1, turn (6 HDC)

Row 2+: HDC until end, Ch 1, turn

Repeat Row 2 until your strap is your desired length, I made mine long enough for hip length, about 32” long but this is personal preference!

Lay your bag flat and with a darning needle, attach strap on the front right part of your bag. Turn it your bag over and attach second strap on the front right part of your bag. You did not hear that wrong, just trust me haha! It should look like this:

Now for my favourite part, adding the details to the little bees! Making them go from this:

To this:

Talk about a glow up! All you have to do is thread 12” of your charcoal yarn Onto your darning needle, and using the finished bee as a guide, weave in and out of the crochet stitches, adding antennas, wings and 3 little feet!

Once your ends are all weaved, you can celebrate cause you are done!!

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram in your finished projects! @ninabellaknits #thebumblecrossbody

This project was so nicely sponsored by Furls crochet by providing the yarn and hook required to make this project come to fruition! Thank you so much! I’ve treated myself to their hooks and it has been the best decision ever!

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