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Leopard Yarn Pom Tutorial

Unless you live under a rock, you know that knit leopard print hats are HUGE right now! It’s called the Animal Attraction Hat by Barley and Flax and can be found here

I thought that it would look super cute with a matching pom pom! For this project you will need:

-Clover USA Large pom pom maker

-Lion Brand Thick and Quick in 2 different colours (I used fisherman for my base and black as the contrasting)

- Sharp scissors

1. Wrap your base colour once around the first half of the pom pom maker.

2. With your contrasting colour, wrap your yarn 3 times on one side.

3. With your base colour, create a little mountain of yarn over the contrasting colour (wrap maybe 6 times)

4. With your contrasting colour, wrap around your little mountain of base colour.

5. Wrap over the entire thing with the base colour, filling in both sides.

6. Move over for the second spot, and wrap a base colour small mountain of yarn.

7. Wrap beside with your contrasting colour, working your way over and to the other side.

8. Wrap your base colour to make the entire side even, cut your yarn ends of both colours and close that half of the pom maker.

9. Wrap one layer of base colour on the other side of the pom pom maker.

10. Wrap your base colour at the centre to make a little mountain (again maybe 6-8 wraps)

11. Wrap your contrasting colour on each side of the mountain and over.

12. Wrap base colour until it is full, cut your strands and close the pom pom maker.

13. Cut down the length of your strands

14. Tie a 16" piece of yarn down the center of your pom pom, where the slit is and tie a super tight knot!

15. Release your pom pom by pulling on each side. Then trim all the rogue strands!

16. Voila! Top on your favourite hat!

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