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Bella Beanie

Named after my dog, because she’s cute... just like this beanie (also I’m running out of names for everything) I love the texture of the double moss stitch so I knew I had to make a hat with it! It’s super simple, classic and modern!

You can make it using a high quality 100% wool dreaminess like The Wool by We Are Knitters or Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy. If you’re on the budgetary constraints of a husband who thinks you already have too much yarn... cough cough... you can also use any size 6 super bulky wool blend, like Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick, which let’s be real is already in everyone’s stash.

Here’s what you will need:

-US15/10mm 16” circular needles (I use Clover Takumi)

-1 skein of above mentioned yarn

-Flouffy pom pom

Pattern (fits the average adult noodle)

Cast on 40 sts (38 for smaller, 42 for bigger but just a word of caution, this wool will relax and stretch over time!)

Rows 1-5: K1, P1

Rows 6 and 7: P1, K1

Rows 8 and 9: K1, P1

Repeat Rows 6-9 until your beanie measures 8” total. You can make it shorter for a form fitting beanie or longer for that slouchy hipster look! BEWARE the thick yarn does not slouch easily, once the yarn starts to relax it will slouch a bit but if you’re a tight knitter it’s might stick right up in the air.

Decrease start: (last row would be a row 9)

P1, K1 until end of row

K1, K2tog until end of row

K2tog until end of row

Cut your yarn leaving a 6” tail, and weave it onto a darning needle. Pass needle through all your stitches And then cinch the hole closed!

Attach your favourite Pom Pom and you’re done!

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