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Basic Slouchy Beanie (with jogless stripes) ALL SIZES

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Okay guys, I have been full blown market prepping over here and I thought I would share the best basic slouchy beanie pattern EVER! Some of you might have seen it last year and I did promise a pattern... so what better way to introduce my new blog than finally publishing with this pattern! Alternatively if you want a video tutorial you can follow along on my (coming soon) YouTube channel HERE

For this pattern you will need:

-3 balls (for 3 different colours) of Lion Brand's Thick and Quick, I used Navy, Mustard and Fisherman

-Size US 13/9mm circular needles with a 16 inch cable (or longer if you do magic loop) I use these ones for every project


-Darning needle

- Optional faux fur pom pom (I get mine from @ginersnaphandmade)

Pattern comes in following sizes:

0-3 months (3-6months, 6-12months, 1-2 years)(2-5 years, child)(Adult S, M, L)

Follow the corresponding sizes throughout pattern

Using the first colour you have chosen for your brim,

Cast on 28(30, 32, 34)(36, 38)(40, 42, 44), join to beginning

Work a K1, P1 rib for 5(5, 5, 5)(6, 6)(7, 7, 7) rows total

Now here comes the magical part. How on earth are we supposed to make jogless stripes? Well, let me tell you, it's easier than it sounds!

Once you are done the brim of your hat, you can cut (leaving a 6" tail) your working yarn (mustard in my case). Then you are going to take your next colour (navy) and begin knitting with that one instead. It might look a little "holey" where you switched colours but not to worry!

K every stitch for one full round with navy and once you come back to your first navy stitch, drop your navy colour to the right and start knitting with your second stripe colour (fisherman)

Leave the navy yarn to the right and start knitting with the white yarn

This is what your transition should look like from the front

This is how it looks from the back, no twisting yarns!

K every stitch for one full round with white. Now drop your white working yarn to the right and without twisting, work around with the navy again. The trick with the jogless stripe is working in a spiral and not twisting your working yarns!

Continue working your stripes for:

12(14, 15, 16)(17, 18)(20, 20, 22) rows or until your desired length (TIP: more rows = more slouch)

Decrease for every size while still maintaining your stripes:

K2, K2tog repeat until end of row

K every stitch

K1, K2tog repeat until end of row

K every stitch


Cut both yarns and pass a darning needle threaded with your tail through all remaining stitches! Cinch together to close the hole and seam your ends!

Top with a yarn pom pom or a faux fur one!

If you made a hat using this pattern please credit @Ninabellaknits on Instagram or this page ( I really appreciated it!

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